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Simply the best editing experience

RedPen is the home of writers wanting to polish their words ready for exposure to the world.

Improving your editing skills can have a positive impact on your writing skills too.

So, whether it’s grammar that defeats you, or editing itself which makes you shudder, become a RedPenner.

There’s lots to enjoy for free … see below. RedPenners are invited to view a RedPen Introduction webinar, in which the RedPen Editing cycle is explained. It’s a ten-step cycle which works!  See my book EDITING The RedPen Way on Amazon and the reviews far below.

RedPenners are also invited to invest in RedPen Editing, Training and Mentoring. This not compulsory (!), and you can learn a lot just by working through the newsletter challenges. If you are willing to invest in yourself, consider the RedPen options that are not free!

RedPen Editing on Facebook

RedPen Editing tips are published to the ScrivenerVirgin Facebook group Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Like/follow the page and it should appear automatically in your FB feed.

RedPen Editing on Twitter

RedPen Editing tips are also tweeted with the hashtag #redpen. See my page, and/or search for #redpen

RedPen membership

As a member of RedPen, you’ll be aded to my email list. You will receive a regular newsletter by email. It’s a FREE EDITING course! Each issue has three challenges with links to topic sheets to guide you, one step at a time. I will also occasionally send you news of other opportunities for training.